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Hurricane Sandy

It's aroud 3:30 pm on Monday, October 29th and Hurricane Sandy is blowing steadily outside our apartment walls. We expect the worst to pass over us tonight.

This storm has been dubbed "Frankenstorm" because it is a hybrid storm consisting of Hurricane Sandy travelling northward from the Carribean and an extratropical storm system travelling southeastward from Canada. The two systems are colliding just south of the city of New York. The blocking high over Greenland, characteristic of the negative phase of the North Atlantic Oscillation, is preventing Sandy from taking a more typical hurricane trajectory out to sea.

The media has been comparing Hurricane Sandy to the "Long Island Express", a category 3 hurricane that hit Long Island, New York and New England in 1938 (

Here is a link that shows the progress of the storm via satellite imagery:

Here is another link from the National Hurricane Center showing model forecasts:

- Karen